FSI - Digital transformation for success

FSI Trading Investment and Technology Development Joint Stock Company is known as the leading technology company in Vietnam in the field of digital transformation, document digitization, data entry and data processing.

FSI is Vietnam's leading technology company in the digitalization and digital transformation sector that helps build your organization into a digital model while protecting your organization's most important asset - information.

Established on November 6, 2007, through many years of construction and development, FSI has always remained faithful to the mission: On the basis of understanding the needs of customers, we provide solutions and technologies. advanced to bring the highest value to customers and partners.


Constantly innovating and innovating Vietnamese technology solutions - World-class, contributing to the development of the country and helping Vietnamese


By 2023, FSI has become the top 10 number conversion solution provider in Southeast Asia.

Core values

Core values: Dedication, Dedication, Creativity, Prestige, Solidarity
Our measure of success is customer trust and community recognition
We are committed to bringing the best products and services to customers besides building a quality environment
FSI aims to build a professional, united and open working environment, creating opportunities for all members to develop their professional skills as well as improve themselves. In addition, the company always focuses on training activities, nurturing talents and building a rich and healthy physical and spiritual life for all members.

All officers and employees of FSI always unite to build a distinctive corporate culture and identity. Each employee is a member of the FSI house together to build a sustainable FSI with a common spirit.
Social responsibility
We are committed to providing the best quality products and services to customers in addition to creating many beneficial jobs for the society.
It is to provide excellent professional services to customers, increase shareholder value, build an attractive working environment, optimize existing resources, reduce operational costs and limit cooperation. impact on the environment through Green activities. Because employees are the image of FSI, we strongly support our staff to develop themselves through intensive training programs held regularly at the company.