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Comprehensive Digital Conversion With L-IONE’s 3-in-1 Solution Suite

22 February 2021

Starting from the difficulties that businesses encounter on the digital conversion race, L-IONE offers a modern and comprehensive digital conversion solution. The “comprehensive” of L-IONE is not only in bringing technology to every corner of the office but also towards deploying them in many aspects of management.

L-IONE mang đến bộ giải pháp chuyển đổi số toàn diện

What are the difficulties businesses often face?

Manager’s depression

Messy overlapping workflows, etc. are all “out of control” of the manager.

Management can not know the entire process of approaching customers or implementing projects of employees (what are employees doing, where the work is progressing, how the performance is, and the proper implementation of the process. ..) but only receive unrealistic reports when the job is “closed” via email or report report.

“Misery” of employees

Employees are confused when there are too many documents to be processed, when needed, it takes time to search to affect performance.

Some procedures are simple but have to go through too many steps to be considered such as: applying for an advance guest, paying a contract, … Even if you need to sign for approval, the manager is not at company, the employees only know “mourn” because the work is delayed

In addition, the reception of jobs via email, even group chats makes employees sometimes not paying attention to meeting the situation of being early on the job, delayed by the deadline.

If not soon find a tool to help solve these problems soon, businesses will soon “sink in the mess” between the “sea” of documents and processes.

L-IONE helps businesses convert digital comprehensive

Understand the difficulties of the business, FSI  has studied the L-IONE enterprise automation system, a comprehensive solution to help businesses 
manage effectively on a digital platform. L-IONE is built to meet the following criteria: job cover, document management, quick information approval.

Cover your work more efficiently with L-IONE

Bao quát công việc hiệu quả hơn với L-IONE

Leaders and employees manage work progress more effectively on the L-IONE system

All processes, procedures, jobs, … of businesses are synchronized management on an online system, helping to handle work flexibly anytime, anywhere.

For leadership

The workflow is set up and comprehensively managed in a closed cycle, helping the leaders to follow the entire working process of employees, from receiving information to reporting the results right on the system. manage. Update reports, track and monitor work progress conveniently and highly confidential. Since then know the performance, working efficiency of each employee and make adjustments, timely support plans

For employees

Businesses and processes are automated, reducing 90% of administrative procedures and significantly reducing working time. Get job information quickly right on the system, avoid work drift, slow deadlines.

Employee management is proactive 24/7, continuous progress updates, business data information is refreshed immediately, helping managers keep track of the overall work situation.

Professional business document management

Manage all document information about products, contracts, customers, … on the common software system of the business.

Quản lý tài liệu doanh nghiệp chuyên nghiệp
                                                                                 Manage all information about corporate documents on digital platforms

For leadership

Management can easily manage and track business documents according to the statistics table. At the same time, you can save 30% of your operating costs by easily updating information across the entire system, reducing the cost of storage space and data conservation.

For employees

Save up to 40% of the time searching for document information or customer data because all information is stored on the digital platform of the business. Employees can easily find all the information they need with a few simple steps. Staffs from departments can also easily share information, exchange documents with each other right on the L-IONE system. Thereby improving the cohesion of the parts.

Perform a quick signing process

Information approval work has never been so simple and easy thanks to L-IONE

Get information about instant sign-up, sign-up, quick approval without restrictions no matter where you are.

For employees

Follow the proposal process and sign it quickly on the digital platform without having to meet directly at each management level to get approval. The system will automatically forward the proposal to each pre-installed leader level for approval. As a result, employees can apply for approval even if the manager is not at the company.