Data cleaning service

Produce about FSI’s data cleaning service

FSI’s data cleaning service is the process of removing false information, errors in the data set before analyzing through the activities of eliminating duplication, replacing, correcting, deleting, arranging, modify, classify, and formatting the  data collected from many different data fields.

Data cleaning service that FSI will give you includes: 

– Cleaning duplicate data.

– Address data cleaning.

– Cleaning survey data.

– Cleaning email data, phone numbers.

– Cleaning CRM data.

– Cleaning customer data.

9 steps in our data cleaning process:

Step 1: Identifying the customers data cleaning requirements.

Step 2: (Optional) – Providing a test data cleaning project aimed to set quality standards. After approval of test project.

Step 3: Agreement on service level terms like pricing and scheduling.

Step 4: Delegation of a Project Manager and allocation of the data cleaning tasks.

Step 5: Importing unclean data (Excel, CSV or tab-delimited text file format) into our cleaning systems.

Step 6: Copying the data by identifying potential duplicate entries and eliminating them. This task is manually reviewed to find the task’s critical data.

Step 7: Exporting data in different formats including XML, Excel, PDF and others if need be.

Step 8: Quality check to monitor the accuracy of data cleaning and make any required revisions.

Step 9: Hand over the data through the method specified by the customer.

What will you get when using FSI’s data cleaning service?

  • Savings of atleast 40% from deployment costs: Minimize costs related to technology, equipment and personnels.
  • Increased productivity: Increase employee productivity and positively impact overall business by properly communicating with potential customers and reducing time wasted on inaccurate phone or email contacts .
  • Increased revenue: Clean, accurate data significantly improves clients response rates; thus, increases sales.
  • Increased efficiency in attracting customers: Provide an accurate and complete list of leads, ensuring your email will reach the correct inbox. This in turn increases the overakk efficiency of attracting customers.
  • Improved decision making: Data cleaning helps to provide accurate analysis of customer portraits and wishes, thereby developing more effective strategies and supporting overall decision-making.
  • Safety and security: Data cleaning process meets information security standard ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and quality management standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Advantages of FSI’s data cleaning service:

  • Processing and cleaning data in multiple languages: Vietnamese, English, Korean, Japanese, …
  • Ensuring privacy and security through the use of secure web servers and FTP uploads, virtual private networks and confidential / non-disclosure agreements.
  • Operated in three shifts, 24/7 continuously allowis for flexible working hours according to time zone and customer’s time requirement.
  • Team of more than 3000 data cleaning personnels who very skilled and experienced in implementation of data processing projects.
  • Ready to support customers 24/7 via email or phone.
  • Free data quality testing is provided  tocustomers with a personalized report showing how your data could be improved.