Data entry form service

FSI data entry form service is the process of converting document information in the form of hard documents or soft documents, into electronic data in different formats, to serve the extraction process, use and preserve customer documents, and assist businesses in making decision processes.

FSI’s data entry form service can handle:

  • Entry registration form: enrollment form, loan registration form, bank account registration form, insurance registration form, …
  • Entry business cards/postcards: entry business cards / postcards in hard or soft copy into the database system of customers
  • Entry survey form: survey, population survey, student survey, land and housing survey,
  • Entry list of customer: entry customer information on excel or the common database system of the enterprise
  • Entry catalog: entry the list of enterprise products on the website system or media publications,
  • Data entry: entry records related to employees, customers, business documents, … in many different form formats that customers request.
  • Entry e-commerce data: separating specific catalog information for each product, posting and saving corresponding information in the product database on e-commerce sites or online stores with full description (name, description, product details, SKU, catalog, delivery, price …)
  • Entry product information online (Website): produce, maintain and update web content / catalogs for your online store / ecommerce website including adding new products, modifying periodic prices, removing old models

FSI provides entry image data services in 2 flexible forms

  • Onsite: FSI will deploy the service at the customer’s headquarters or the work location specified by the customer.
  • Offsite: Services will be deployed at FSI offices or a combination of FSI offices and customer locations.

FSI data entry and processing services will help you:

  • Minimize deployment costs: Save costs of equipment, technology, office and recruit entry employees.
  • Save time: FSI provides a large, professional and experienced employee that helps reduce the implementation process.
  • Improve business performance: Help businesses focus human resources and costs on key activities that bring profits for the company, instead of consuming labor for data entry.
  • Safe data security: FSI’s data entry and processing process meets ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 information security standards and ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standards.


  • FSI provides high quality data entry and catalog processing services, with low error rates below 0.1%
  • Multilingual data entry: English, Korean, Korean, …
  • Diverse entry methods depending on customer requirements
  • Handling large volumes of work in the shortest time by a large team of employees working 24/7, shortening deployment time for customers
  • Ensuring absolute confidentiality of information for customers.