Data Processing Services

Data processing service is the collection and conversion of raw data from various sources into meaningful information, in order to help businesses more easily store, exploit, use data, analyze and support for decision making.

The professional staff of FSI can respond to all data processing requirements of customers with many different languages and formats in the shortest time: Building data management system, tracking and retrieving data, processing involved all the data required to convert data into electronic format

FSI’s professional staff can meet all data processing requirements of customers in many different languages ​​and formats.

FSI provides variety of online data processing services:

Forms Processing Services

Process data from all sorts of sources ranging from faxes, scanned images to printed forms and surveys then update the output in the format of your choice to add value to your decision making.

Order Processing Services

Our well trained and experienced order processing experts study your individual needs and come up with a customized solution to build a seamless, fast and accurate order processing system.

Market Research Forms Processing

FSI professional team can extract market research form data from any file format, presenting critical data with high quality and accuracy to help businesses solve the difficulty in export the information from the form.

Mailing List Compilation

We clean, standardize, and arrange sites for maximum deliverability, increasing your chances of reaching the right customers while minimizing operational costs and minimizing risk of sending false messages to potential customers.

Data Deduplication Services

With our data deduplication services, you can get rid of all the duplicate entries and maintain a flawless database. We use the latest technology and industry know-how to get rid of all the inconsistencies in your database.

Image Data Processing Services

FSI’s image processing services can enhance the overall appeal of your images in other marketing or advertising campaigns. Our experts are well versed with Photoshop and other image edit tools can handle large volumes of image data and give your images the desired effect within a quick time.

Data Cleansing Services

Group data cleansing of FSI will remove all the inconsistencies, the entry error and inaccuracies in your data a systematic manner, thereby helping you reduce risk when making decisions in business.

Check Processing Services

Inspection activities of FSI processing services help accelerate the process of business checks on a large scale. Extracting important data from electronic checks, scanning important business information and validating checks are part of our check processing services.

Data Mining Services

We use the conventional techniques along with pioneering technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to provide new aspects unexplored in your data, give you new insights about the data materials

Credit Card Processing Services

FSI helped many sellers in the processing of credit card transactions of them. We use internet based security systems to check the creditworthiness of our customers for their products and services. FSI will undertake the entire credit card processing cycle from card authorization, payment processing to invoicing.

Insurance Claims Processing

FSI provides processing services insurance claims quickly with high precision, complex data processing from the insurance claim forms. We can process the information of many types of insurance claim forms such as ADA, UB, HCFA

Survey Processing Services

We provide many types of survey data processing services: digitize information contained in surveys, analyze data on certain parameters, … FSI uses modern technologies such as: ICR, OCR, OMR, … to process information from customer surveys.

Our data processing service will help you:

  • Saving cost: Cost savings: Outsourcing data processing services will help businesses save on staff hiring costs as well as costs for technology, deployment locations and some other cost (equipment, electricity, recruitment,)
  • Save time: FSI has a data processing team of more than 3000 employees, operating in 3 shifts, ensuring the fastest deployment time for customers.
  • Increase process efficiency: Data is processed quickly, accurately, continuously updated, helping to improve overall productivity in the overall management system of customers.
  • Enhancing competitiveness: Well processed data helps leaders look more intuitive, make accurate and quicker decisions, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of businesses.

What’s special about FSI’s data processing service?

  • Application of modern information identification and extraction technologies such as OCR, OMR, ICR, … helps shorten implementation time.
  • Quality control output data strictly to ensure accuracy up to 99.99%
  • Process standards implemented information security ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and quality management standards ISO 9001: 2015
  • Data processing multiple languages: Vietnamese, English, Korean, Japanese, … can meet the requirements of different languages of the customers
  • Customize flexible deployment processes to suit different industries, fields, and specialties.

Typical customers

  • Suntory PepsiCo Beverage Company Limited
  • Honda Vietnam
  • BIC Vietnam Joint Stock Company
  • Mobifone center of research and development
  • Record and archives department (Department of Home Affairs of Hanoi)
  • State Audit Office of Vietnam
  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ha Nam province
  • Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs

Reasons to choose FSI

  • Over 13 years of experience in the field of digitization and digital transformation
  • More than 300 official employees and more than 3000 collaborators deploying data spread across the country to support the implementation of projects with a large workload in a short time
  • Our employee has experience in implementing large projects for ministries, departments and major corporations nationwide
  • There are 4 offices in Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho, and Ho Chi Minh to serve the needs of nationwide deployment
  • Applying modern 4.0 technologies in the deployment process increases accuracy and saves time and costs.
  • As the exclusive and official distributor of the famous scan brand Plustek, LMI, Kodak,.