Data import service, legal documents

FSI Legal Documentation Service is the process of turning legal document information from forms of hard documents or soft documents into electronic data in different formats to serve the function of exploiting, using, and preserving legal documents of customers.

FSI provides 2 input services: Onsite data entry and Offsite data entry
Types of deployment
  • Onsite

    At the head office, the location specified by the customer.

  • Offsite

    At FSI or a combination of the FSI office and the customer site.

Legal documents that FSI can handle for you
  • Tenancy contract
  • Lawsuit papers
  • Documentation transaction cooperation
  • Business agreement
  • Authorization forms
  • Buy and sell transactions
  • Immigration data
  • Divorce application
  • Enter attorney research data
  • Financial paper
  • Delivery documents
  • Documentation related to property
  • Insurance claim file
  • Medical claim records
  • Document assets into online databases
  • Enter required legal data
  • Enter document data and traditional legalized forms
  • Digitalizing law books
  • Enter data for bidding bonds
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FSI is committed to providing clients with exceptional services, quality input solution that is affordable and easy to customize according to their needs
  • Minimize deployment costs: Save the cost of setting up the organizational apparatus, the cost of managerial personnel, deployment personnel, and supported machines and technology.
  • Save time on data entry: Apply modern information recognition and extraction technologies (OCR, ICR, OMR, ...), thereby automating the process and shortening the deployment time for clients.
  • Improve business performance: outsourcing non-focus jobs such as data entry helps businesses focus human resources and costs on critical activities that bring profits to the company, avoiding waste.
  • Ensuring business safety and continuous business: Data and legal documents are managed scientifically and accurately on the systems.
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Advantages of data, legal documents entry service at FSI
  • Ensures accuracy when inputs reach 99.99%
  • Application of modern technologies in the deployment processes to increase accuracy and time saving of up to 50%, 30% cost reduction during deployment.
  • FSI includes a team of highly experienced Human Resource personnel who have implemented many major data entry projects nationwide and are proficient in importing and processing multi-format documents, including paper, electronic, and electronic photo.
  • FSI's legal document and data entry processes meet ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 information security standards and ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standards.
  • Inhouse development and researched application helps keep the cost low without depending on third party costs.
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The reason for choosing
Why choose FSI BPO products?
National deployment
Abundant human resources
Application 4.0
Professional personnel
Exclusive distribution
Experience & reputation
We are partners of many major technology firms around the globe
FSI always treasures the good ideas from each of our customers.

"We cooperate with FSI in providing equipments and services for office. From our case, we learn that FSI company is a reputable..."

United Nations Fund for Population Activities Office

FSI supply many products quite good and stable, and they support quickly for any incurred technical problems so that do not affect our work

Bank for investment and development of Vietnam

I found the DocEye system to have a friendly Vietnamese interface and easy to use. Information collection and management features are stable and highly accurate. The OCR function of the Vietnamese character recognition system is good, helping me save a lot of time entering and storing “ Information collection and management features are stable and highly accurate. The OCR function of the Vietnamese character recognition system is good, helping me save a lot of time in inputting and storing.

Citicom Trade Joint Stock Company