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FSI-BPO’s survey data entry service

23 July 2021

Businesses often conduct surveys with questionnaires to gain insight into their audience’s preferences, identify specific customer needs, evaluate product performance, or for some other reason.


This requires accurate and complete access to survey data. With the survey data entry service, FSI-BPO provides this service aimed at assisting businesses with important investigative data to analyze information and make smart and strategic decisions.

Dịch vụ nhập liệu phiếu điều tra tại FSI-BPO

FSI-BPO’s survey data entry service


FSI-BPO owns a team of dedicated questionnaire data entry specialists, who will assist right from collecting the appropriate data from paper and web-based survey forms to entering details in the right file format. such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Tab Delimited, etc.

Our experts will work closely with you to ensure that you get the best out of your survey project.


FSI-BPO provides a full range of survey data entry and processing services for surveys such as market research, employee engagement, location identification, customer satisfaction on products, annual production, etc. The experts of FSI-BPO always try to process a large volume of survey forms on different media such as paper, electronic as well as oral.

Dịch vụ nhập liệu phiếu điều tra tại FSI-BPO

FSI-BPO’s survey data entry service


When you develop a questionnaire for your questionnaire, we ensure that you get the maximum number of responses to those questions manually in a file format, making it easy to access and ensuring the highest accuracy.

With our survey data entry services, we serve global clients in various industries such as finance, education, market research, real estate, healthcare, legal firms, insurance, non-profit organization, etc. At the same time, experts can perform data entry of questionnaires, containing different question formats.

As part of our survey processing and data entry services, we can help you collect data from a variety of questionnaires. Besides, grasping the needs of the market, FSI-BPO has developed the service of data entry of questionnaires in addition to other strong services: data digitization, data entry and data processing, translation. financial and accounting services, content writing services, DTP image processing, data labeling, translation and interpretation, human resources services.

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