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Mister FSI first season on 9/9 “FSI Men”

22 February 2021

In September there is an important FSI holiday, which is: “FSI Men’s Day”- the day that FSI sisters say thanks for all FSI brothers. In addition to the meaningful activities for the brothers, this year, the first season of Southern Mister FSI contest more special attention.

Choose September 9 – “FSI Men’s Day” to become a cultural beauty at FSI Company, this is really a meaningful activity, bringing joy and excitement to all employees in the Company. The meaning of “FSI Men’s Day” is for FSI women to return the ceremony to “men”, giving them flowers, gifts and best wishes. Also on “FSI Men’s Day”, the final of the Mister FSI contest took place extremely exciting and fascinating.

Mister FSI – Northern Region 2019 is the first competition held for FSI men in the North. With the goal of finding the typical models representing FSI men, the contest does not focus on the criteria of body and beauty, but attaches great importance to the very specific FSI criteria such as: loved by everyone at FSI, smart, witty, kind, healthy, showing their high and beautiful quality of life, … For that reason, many FSI brothers, despite their fat belly, bald head, modest height, … still enthusiastically nominated by women.

After 2 weeks of launching the program, the FSI brothers had time to prepare the best photos and send them to the Organizing Committee. The preliminary round of the Mister FSI competition is evaluated with unique “likes and comments” from FSI members. At the end of the preliminary round, 10 contestants continued to enter the next round, possibly due to the admiration and repressive scoring from the members that the organizers announced the contestants’ scores are too close together and everyone’s scores are “pretty, good”.

After the jury announced the list of 10 contestants who continued to enter the next round, it was really fun that the next round of competition took place on September 5, 2019 and it is not as simple to score through photos as before, but rather a fitness test. Coming to the second round of competition, each candidate will be physically trained with the fitness test at CTM building, 139 Cau Giay through the fastest 11-floor jogging and push-ups.

Pressure, “sweating” as a judge, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Loan – FSI Supervisory Board had to say that she has never been a judge in a difficult contest like this one. By looking at the constant quality of the beautiful, strong and strong contestants through the contestants’ fitness, the judges had to “dazzle” to select 5 candidates to go to the final round.

On 9/9/2019 – “FSI Men’s” day is also the day of the final round of the Mister FSI 2019 – Northern region with 2 most awaited competitions during the competition: Complaints and FAQs.

The performances this year are quite equal in quality. People who show their bolero ability, some contestants are stylish and vibrant with funny songs, someone show their own elegant, manly beauty through deep songs. Each of them has a talent and a style of expression that makes all the audience extremely excited.

Surprisingly in the talent contest this year, the sketch drawing contest of contestant Nguyen Huy Tu from the Marketing Department. During the limited time of the competition, Mr. Nguyen Huy Tu excelled at showing his talent with the “reverse drawing” contest, a special character for him is FSI Chairman – Mr. Nguyen Khoa Bao. According to mr Huy TU: Due to the company’s design, the person he usually has to draw and looks at most is the portrait of the chairman, so when deciding to choose who to draw, he thinks of Mr. Bao first because it will easier to draw for him.

Through the talent contest contestants always receive enthusiastic encouragement from the audience. Perhaps, even though you are not gifted at this round, you will be enthusiastically cheered by the FSI brothers and sisters just by appearing here. Because the criterion of this contest is to find an idyllic Mister of the FSI, not fancy.

The behavioral round is also the last round of the “Mister FSI” contest. Each contestant in turn draws the questions and answers in order. The questions range from social knowledge, to job situations questions, or questions about behavior, ways of life, …

With many intelligent but equally witty answers, the contestants convinced the judges and the fans. The loud cheers resounded and it was also difficult for the judges when the contestants’ scores were very close. A grading conference for the jury is happening fast, the most nervous time is stretching.

Before the moment of announcing who won the first season of Mister FIS, contestants sang together the song “Road to Glory”, showing the teamwork and solidarity at FSI.

The most nervous time also came, the title of Mister FSI belonged to Nguyen Huy Tu – Department of Marketing. The second title was awarded to Nguyen Duy Huu – FSI Soft and Nguyen Minh Khue – Center for project implementation. Besides, the third place in the contest are Nguyen Minh Tan – TTCDS and Tran Ba Vang – TT KHCP. It was so surprising and exciting.


The contest has closed, all FSI has been immersed in fun and unique competitions and through the young men who compete together and find a typical face for the beauty of 2019.

Ending the program, on a special day dedicated to the brothers at FSI, at the same time, is an opportunity for sisters to “take special care” for the brothers to compensate for the feelings of the brothers who have always spent for women over the years, small gifts were given as sincere thanks from FSI sisters to FSI brothers. Wish you good health, perseverance took courage to be a true half of the sisters