Image data import service

FSI’s image data import service

FSI BPO provides equipment and employees to scan and convert hard images or soft images to various formats efficiently and accurately.  It also provides customized quality services even for the most complex image data import projects in order to serve to exploit process, using and preserving customers’ images.

Majors related to importing image data provided by FSI include:

Online/Offline data import

To collect data accurately from scanned images, FSI uses the latest identification and automatic text extraction technology such as OCR, ICR, intelligent data retrieval based on a sample, barcode identification, …

Organizing image data

In addition to extracting data from online and offline image documents, FSI BPO also classifies them by data type, format, usage information, and more, to improve accessibility, performance, and accuracy while preserving the quality of the results.

Locking Image data 

Our experts will collect data for images in the relevant order in a user-specified database to ensure easy retrieval and usage.

Image data indexing

Indexing and storing scientific image data according to the structure of the system to speed accessibility and eliminate redundant connections.

Storage & backup

Using technology to store, manage, and retrieve data more efficiently. Application international standards to ensure confidentiality and security of image documents and customers’ extracted information. 

Converting multi-format image data

Employees at FSI BPO are proficient at handling various image formats, such as, but not limited to, including TIFF, GIF, RTF, JPEG, PDF, …Data that is imported follows direction given by the customers, (Spreadsheet, Excel, Access) or custom databases and is delivered using encrypted methods such as email, cloud storage, and secure server download.

Some applications of image data entry that FSI BPO implements:

  • Importing scanned image data.
  • Importing books.
  • Importing images into excel spreadsheets.
  • Importing data from handwritten documents.
  • Importing images into database.
  • Importing data from the card.
  • Entering category data.
  • Entering data on legal documents.
  • Importing data from folders and booklets.

FSI provides image data entry services in 2 flexible forms:

  • Onsite data entry: FSI will deploy the service at the customer’s head office at the work location specified by the customer. 
  • Offsite data entry: Service will be deployed at FSI’s office or in combination between FSI office and customer location.

What are advantages that your company will get when using our image data import service?

  • Time-Saving: To help users easily manage, search and retrieve information efficiently, the data is formatted, classified and arranged properly and to the exact specification and predetermined system structure.
  • Cost and Resource Saving:-  Employees at FSI BPO are highly proficient and are capable of importing image data in multiple formats and requirements. This ensures our customers up to 60% saving in technological investments and recruitment of data entry personnel.
  • Quality and Accuracy assurance:- FSI BPO’s image data entry service assures exceptional level of precise outcomes with implementation of  multi-level quality control checks, confidentiality agreements, indexing and matching tools.
  • Enhance the ability to search and share: Image data after entering data is indexed, backed up, and managed scientifically on the system to help quickly and accurately exploit, share, extract, necessary.
  • Higher accuracy: Professional input process, with 3 steps of output control, to help the image data input get the highest result.

Advantages of service:

  • Automatic data collection:- FSI BPO applies the most up to date digital data identification and extraction methods, such as, but not limited to, OCR, OMR, and ICR, upon requests of the clients to accelerate data entry while still ensuring incredible accuracy.
  • Safety and Security:- FSI BPO image data entry services is internationally accredited and certified by ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems and secured ISO 27001:2013 information security management certification.
  •  Multi-format image input: Allow to convert scanned images to the formats required by customers (TIFF, GIF, RTF, JPEG, PDF, …)