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28 January 2021

IONE is an automatic information extraction and identification solution that allows for large data processing in a short time. IONE’s processed input images produce text data and metadata for storage or integration into other systems.

IONE automatic information identification and extraction technology will help you:

  • Process big data in a short time thanks to the automatically identified and extracted information.
  • Reduce errors caused by manual input.
  • Save labor costs for data entry and processing.
  • Increase the security and safety of information for businesses.
  • Increase work efficiency and quality of customer service.
  • Increase the life of records, traditional documents.

Typical features of IONE bring for customer:

  • Identifying and dissecting administrative documents.
  • Identification and dissection ID.
  • Identification and dissection House Ownership Certificate.
  • Identification and dissection survey.
  • Identify and dissection forms as required.

Outstanding advantages of technology:

  • Accuracy when identifying Vietnamese to 98%.
  • Digitize, extract diagram, images with over 90% accuracy.
  • Parallel processing, reaching speed of 6s / page.
  • Automatic data dissection regardless of form.
  • Easy integration with customers’ existing systems.
  • Machine learning mechanisms automation system helps improve accuracy.

Why you should use identification technology and automated information dissection IONE?

  • Technology is applied by FSI in many large digital projects at corporations, ministries – departments – industries.
  • IONE technology is integrated into the software that FSI provides to help the software win high awards such as DocEye document management section won the title Sao Khue 2016, 2017, 2018 and the typical digital technology award in Vietnam 2019.
  • D-IONE digitalized software won the Vietnam Talent Award 2019.
  • Support anytme 24/7, competitive price, flexible customized solution.