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1 February 2021

V-IONE is a software that allows instant speech-to-text conversion, supports recognition of up to 7000 Vietnamese words and up to 98% high accuracy in spelling, grammar, style, and multi-regional voice recognition.

V-IONE voice-to-text software will help you

  • There is no need to take note of the minutes of the meeting: Content speech is converted into text instantly while the speaker is speaking.
  • Shorten issued decisions time: Shorten the time issued a decision: saving 10 times the process of audio files into text, thereby shortening the time typing, issued information.
  • Check and compare meeting content quickly: meeting information is stored on the software for convenient searching.
  • Safety and security: The software runs independently and offline, allowing absolute security for customer’s data.

Outstanding features of V-IONE software 

  • Support for converting direct voice (online) into text.
  • Convert audio files to text simultaneously with multiple accounts using, with average accuracy over 90%.
  • Integrated learning mechanism to add voice, text style to improve conversion quality.
  • Handles convert to numbers when mention about day, month and year.
  • Handling capital words for administrative units of provinces and cities.
  • Text segments follow the speaker’s voice (each section).
  • Speaker identifier (fill the speaker’s name at the beginning of each corresponding conversation).
  • Manage meeting information, at the same time help store voice and text, print, search, look up when needed and convenient to track and report data quickly and accurately.

Advantages of V-IONE voice to text software

  • Accuracy is up to 98% (at 2m distance) and 95% at (3-5 m distance 95% accuracy).
  • Convert audio files into text instantly with less than 0.5 seconds delay.
  • Diverse input: direct voice; audio file 3gp, aa, aac, amr, m4a, mp3, ogg, oga, wav, wma, webm, …
  • Accurate recognition of voices from Northern, Central and Southern.
  • Support recognition of 7000 Vietnamese words.
  • Standardize output document by: name, date, month.

Why you should choose V-IONE?

  • The first prize at the Vietnam Talent Award 2019.
  • Received letter of merit from the Secretary General of the National Assembly after the successful test of the Voice-to-Text Conversion System at the meeting at the 7th session of the 14th National Assembly in 2019.
  • Certificate of the Vietnam Digital Conversion Award 2019 issued by the Ministry of Information and Communication on the Software for Automatic Vietnamese Speech to Text V-IONE.
  • The core technology is researched and developed by Associate Professor, Dr. Luong Chi Mai – Deputy Director of the Institute of Information Technology, who is a pioneer in optical character recognition in Vietnam with more than 30 scientific research topics recorded. take.
  • Core technology automatic speech recognition ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) for 2 consecutive years on top Contest artificial intelligence on natural language processing and voice VLSP 2018 (Vietnamese Language and Speech Processing), by the Institute of Welding Forest Science and Technology with the University of Natural Sciences (VNU Hanoi).
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) core technology for two consecutive years topped the VLSP 2018 (Vietnamese Language and Speech Processing), by the ietnam Academy of Science and Technology with the University of Natural Sciences (VNU Hanoi).