Software services and technology solutions

FSI specializes in providing software and technology solutions self-researched and developed by the company to serve units in many different fields, industries and sizes such as: Finance, Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Government, Education, Retail Business, SME, …. help businesses solve problems of storage, management, HRM, CRM, …

Technology solution software provided by FSI:

  • D-IONE Document Digitalization Solution:

The intelligent document digitization system helps units and organizations to process and manage information, data, create massive and high-quality databases in a short time with cost saving.

  • Technology solution:

+ Automatic recognition and extraction information technology I-ONE:  solution identification and extraction allows automatic information processing massive data in a short time. IONE’s processed input images produce text data and metadata for storage or integration into other systems

+ Recognition and extraction handwritten words and numbers technology H-IONE: Automatic recognition and extraction handwritten words and numbers technology up to 90% accuracy, often used in identifying information from records, form documents. On this type of documents, some information is filled in by hand at fixed positions (declaration form, registration form, quiz, questionnaire, …)

+ File compression technology, reducing storage capacity: The technology allows optimizing to reduce the size of the PDF file while maintaining the quality of the original file, as well as maintaining the resolution of the image file.

  • Software product:

+ V-IONE voice-to-text conversion software: This software allows instant speech-to-text conversion with up to 98% accuracy, helping users save time editing text without having to record copy or type the text.

+ L-IONE MEETING online meeting software: Online meeting software based on digital technology through the internet to reduce the organization cost and time compared to traditional meetings.

+ L-IONE enterprise automation system: is an automated business administration and management system, providing a comprehensive solution for remote management and administration of businesses from human resources to workflow.

+ DAS electronic storage system: is a centralized management system, providing features that allow users to fully, conveniently and quickly perform operational operations related to management and storage electronic documents.

+ DocEye Document Management Software is digitization, collection, storage and management of centralized document.

+ DocEye job management software: Provide organizations with a modern, simple, friendly and friendly working environment to users, at anywhere, anytime, users can access the information needed to perform job processing.

+ DocEye product traceability software: Traceability solution supports consumers, businesses, production process management agencies, product traceability through tracking codes (QR Code, Barcode , …) in order to limit product copying, counterfeiting, and counterfeiting

+ AW3D Terrain Data Software: Solutions that provide maps, 3D data accuracy highest in the world and is considered a good choice for aerial photography and ground measurement with reasonable expenses in while maintaining satisfactory accuracy.

  • Some other supporting software:

+ Product promotion system, trade promotion support DocEye

+ Digital portal software

+ Digital one-stop software

+ Civil status management software

+ Online public service software

What do you get when using FSI technology solution software?

  • FSI’s softwares, solutions and technologies are researched and developed with the goal of solving common problems and saving customers’ time as much as possible compared to manual work.
  • FSI has a diverse ecosystem of software, solutions and technologies that can solve different customer problems.
  • Security processes through programming, production, project management professional technology is built according to information security standard ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and quality management standards ISO 9001: 2015

What is special about FSI’s technology solutions software provision services?

  • FSI is the top 10 enterprises with excellent 4.0 technology capacity in 2019 and top 10 ICT enterprises in Vietnam 2020
  • Almost software products are compatible with mobile devices and mobile versions on both Appstore and Play Store.
  • FSI technologies are flexibly customizable for integration with 3rd party software
  • Our software is researched and developed by a team of experts, a team of programmers, project managers and products with rich experience, creativity, and well-trained at domestic and aboard university

Competencies and strengths

  • A system of strong software products and solutions in terms of technology and application
  • Our staff is experienced, enthusiastic, creative, knowledgeable in specialized profession
  • Technology partners of Microsoft, VMWare, Oracle, …
  • Meet ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and 9001: 2015 standards
  • Deployment staff is experienced, enthusiastic, creative, knowledgeable in the profession
  • Core technology by a team of engineers, architects have many years of experience in research and development
  • Consultancy activities anytime 24/24

Our customers

  • State audit office of Vietnam
  • Hanoi Department of Construction
  • Lao Cai Department of Information and Communication
  • Hung Yen Department of Justice
  • Hai Duong Department of Recond and Archives
  • Binh Phuoc Department of Recond and Archives
  • Viettel Group – Viettel ICT
  • Hai Phong Department of Recond and Archives
  • Vietnam news newspapers
  • Big C
  • Provence
  • Honda Vietnam
  • Citicom Corporation
  • Hoang Quan Group