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Successfully digitial transforming by adapting flexible process management software

25 June 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic once again returns to Vietnam, many people wondering that, how will this wave of new outbreaks affect Vietnam economy? How many more businesses will go bankrupt? What are the opportunities for businesses to continue to adapt and respond to the pandemic?


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Digital transformation is the key strategy during the pandemic

In order to overcome the pandemic, many businesses have adopted digital transformation as an advantage in creating outstanding success. An example is Alibaba’s success in the SARS epidemic 18 years ago. At that time, many businesses struggled and were on the brink of bankruptcy because of the negative effects of the new disease outbreak. However, against the odd, Alibaba’s business activities were not only unaffected but also grew at a rate of over 50%. This success is due to Alibaba’s keen awareness of the digital transformation’s benefits, as the Chinese tech company released their online shopping service – Taobao – when everyone could not go out and had to depend upon the internet. It was the right decision!

From the case of Alibaba’s success, businesses can now learn to overcome the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Just like SARS, COVID-19 is a push to force us to change the way we think about operating businesses. In this case, digital transformation is the decisive step to business success.

When the pressure from the epidemic forces businesses to adopt work-from-home remote working, organizations must create a centralized, flexible workspace for everyone. In order to do this, businesses can refer to the WEONE – Business Process Automation System. This is a comprehensive business managing and operating solution for businesses based on an unified platform.

WEONE is an automated business operation system, providing a comprehensive remote business management and administration solution, from personnel managing to workflow managing. With WEONE, organizations can: save time and operating costs, minimize unnecessary administrative procedures, control the operation of the entire system easily, etc., and can meet the needs of both managers and employees during remote working.

With the criteria that allow users to cover the entire workflow, WEONE helps managers to set up a closed working process, from receiving information, monitoring work progress to updating reports, etc. Thereby, managers can closely monitor the performance of each employee in the system, make appropriate adjustments as needed and improve the quality of the company’s workflow.

Without digitation transformation, the difficulties in managing documents, customer meetings, customer care, and managing company performance on an incomplete system resulted in low working efficiency. For example, while the head office’s OKR reaches 100%, the branches can only reach 50%. This can cause asynchronous development.

However, with WEONE, even when working remotely, the company can still manage the entire branch uniformly. All reports and work progress will be updated and displayed right on the system. This helps both employees and managers to be more proactive and efficient during work. WEONE allows employees and managers to receive information about work progress and processes quickly, without limitation, wherever they are.

Thanks to WEONE, the quality of business management becomes uniform by only one identical managing system.

More details on WEONE Here

It can be seen that the explosion in technology has been and will create non-traditional ways of managing and operating businesses, strongly promoting the sustainable development of businesses in the future. Knowing that, suddenly turning to a new form of work has never been easy, yet, FSI believes that a complete business administration such as WEONE will help your business deal with the challenge at the present time and find the right direction for your business!


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