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Things to Know About Data Entry & Data Processing Services

22 July 2021

In the era of global integration, data plays an important role not only in general life but also in specific business areas.

Data entry is the process where raw data is entered into a computer and converted into information or knowledge. In most of the data digitization processes of organizations and businesses, data entry and processing plays a very important role. Depending on the characteristics of the job, this profession requires high expertise, strict requirements for accuracy, and fast processing speed.

Data entry and data processing services in Vietnam include a wide range of basic data entry services, data processing, data conversion, invoice entry, catalogs, surveys, online data entry, customs declarations, insurance records, tax records… in all three languages: Vietnamese, English and Japanese.

Những Điều Cần Biết Về Dịch Vụ Nhập Liệu Và Xử Lý Dữ Liệu

Things to Know About Data Entry and Data Processing Services

Currently, in Vietnam, the number of companies that need to use data entry and data processing services is increasing rapidly.

As one of the reputable and quality BPO service providers in Vietnam, FSI-BPO company provides BPO services – outsourcing business processes, including document digitization, import Data processing & data processing, financial processing – accounting, content writing, image processing, document labeling, translation-interpretation, personnel introduction.

Possessing extensive experience in providing BPO services, ensuring on-time delivery, and strictly complying with the standards of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management system, FSI-BPO has affirmed its position in the Vietnamese market, as well as in fastidious markets such as Japan and Europe.

With the motto “Successful cooperation, overcoming limits”, the company’s development goal is to combine the advantages of the two cultures of Vietnam – Japan, take advantage of the strengths of businesses of the two countries to provide the best services. BPO services of international quality for customers in Vietnam and around the world.