Video labeling service

Introduce service

FSI’s video labeling service is the annotation and description for videos, which can then be used as AI training data for different automated fields.

Our video annotation solutions include

  • Object Localization

Using various voice, text, and image annotation techniques for object localization, FSI locate the most visible individual objects and their boundaries from every frame in a video.

  • Object Detection

FSI uses advanced video annotation tools to detect all objects of interest in each frame, making them easy to identify through proper classification.

  • Tracking video

FSI workflow ensures that precise annotation and tracking of subsequent frames. Our experts will ensure that every movement of the subject is recorded.

  • Pose Estimation

By localizing human joints and tracking varied body poses in videos, followed by appropriate tagging. Our annotation experts will help your deep learning computer vision model track your activity and estimate your character’s next posture in the video.

FSI’s video labeling service will help you

  • Reduce deployment costs: Save costs for equipment, technology, office, and label worker recruitment.
  • Save time: FSI provides a large, professional, experienced video labeling workforce to shorten the implementation process.
  • Improve business performance: Help businesses focus human resources and costs on key activities that bring profits to the company, instead of consuming manpower for video labeling.
  • Secure data security: FSI video labeling process meets the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 information security standard and ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standard.

Advantages of the service

  • FSI provides professional multi-language video labeling services: Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Korean, …
  • Video labeling methods vary depending on customer requirements.
  • Handling a large amount of work in the shortest time thanks to a large staff working continuously 24/7, shortening deployment time for customers.
  • Videos are labeled accurately, to ensure the most rigorous requirements of customers.