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What is ID card/Driver license digitization service?

23 June 2021

We are becoming more and more familiar with using digital services in our daily lives and enjoying the benefits they bring. Perhaps that’s why the trend of document digitization is gradually becoming a big interest for everyone and becoming more popular than ever.

One of the most convenient and popular forms of document digitization in many countries is the digitization of ID cards and driver licenses. So, what is ID card/Driver license digitization and how does it support us? Let’s find out in the article below:


What is document digitization?

Document digitization solutions

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Nowadays, we all have experienced the fear of losing our ID card and driver license. Will digitization of these important documents eliminate this fear? But what exactly is digitization and how do they work?

Some people believe that digitizing ID cards, driver licenses will negate the existence of traditional physical documents. But in fact, this is not the purpose of digitizing. Digitizing your ID card, driver license is to supplement your physical card information, but will still keep your personal information save, like name, address, date of birth, photo. Digitizing will bring more benefits than just keeping the traditional physical cards alone.


First of all, they are less susceptible to fraud than physical cards and are protected by security and authentication features that are not available on traditional physical cards. Digitized information of these documents is currently being conducted all around the world and can be used in law enforcement and airport security agencies. In addition, it is very useful for young people, as digitized data can be used to easily verify age. Staff can simply scan the ID card or Driver License and within given time, they can verify its authenticity as well as their age.

Digitizing ID cards and driver licenses helps you to have less trouble than traditional physical ones. If you need to update your personal information in detail or to transfer information from ID cards, driver license to digital services, all can be done via the Internet. There is no longer a need to go in person to local agencies or submit paper form documents. Similarly, if you lose your phone or laptop, you can rest assured knowing that your digitized ID, driver license cannot be accessed by anyone but you!

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